Sites of Interest

Bars, clubs and nightlife

The Mill: A Former Mourningwood Industries steel rolling hall just pushing the edge of the Rack and moving in to the dying Industrial districts

The Atrium: Started Life as the bar to an Arts Centre built in the run up to the Millenium. Whilst the Arts cetre failed and was forced to close it’s modern bar was popular and its subsequent expansion in to the rest of the building has not diluted it’s charms. A combination bar and night club it is known for it’s occasional Jazz nights and as a trendy night spot. It is a frequent site of Elyssium.

Zanzebar: A large bar in the centre of the Rack and nightlife. It is a popular venue for Students of the University and for Local Youth. This leads to obvious friction ond occasional Violence between the two factions.

Avalon: The Avalon Resort and Entertainment Complex to give it it’s full title is a venture by Better Living Industries to revive the dying city. It’s not been a total success. but has revived the southern coastline of the City

Sites of Interest

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