Legends and Rumours

Eel Marsh House
The House is Haunted by the ghost of Amelia Mourningwood.
The House is cursed. It’s owner will eventually commit suicide or Die in a tragedy
Those that survive more than a few days in it’s walls are beset by Visions of the future. Normally horific disasters.

The Sin Eater Murders
The Sin Eater killer wasn’t a man but a demon in mans form it will return
Matthew Mourningwood had something to do with the Sin Eater.
The Sin Eater was a confused priest trying to save the city

The Hypirion Hotel
This Art Deco Folly is said to be haunted by ghosts reliving a new years eve in the 1940’s.

The Pits
There are some Fights that happen behind closed doors. These are to the death and watched by a select few. some stories say the combatants are not human but freaks or experiments with inhuman speed or strength.

New Port Talbot is built to focus energy in some grand occult ritual
The City will be the birthplace of the end of days.
The Three Sisters is the focus of dark energy.

Legends and Rumours

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