City History

Founded in 1850 New Port Talbot is one of England’s “New Towns”. It was founded, funded, devised and overseen by the Family Mourningwood. The brothers Fredrick, John and Matthew invested their inheritance to make an industrial complex that was neigh on self-sufficient and revolutionary.

The city was built around the mining and processing of iron and coal. The output of the mines the family funded in the early days were processed by their own furnaces and mills. Even the coal was refined and used in dye making by the family.

To begin with, the city flourished and was the envy of its neighbours. For the best part of two decades, the brothers headed up the town council in unity and harmony. But it was the coming of the Sin Eater Murders that shattered the brothers and ended in the deaths of Fredrick and John. Matthew Mourningwood stepped down from civic life and retreated to Eel Marsh House the Family home.

The town began its gradual decline imperceptibly. But, with the coming of the Great War, New Port Talbot suffered a blow that would never truly heal. Like so many towns many men went to fight in the trenches but even fewer than average would return. The city limped along and recived some revitalisation in the coming of the petrochemical industry to challenge the might of Mourningwood Industry in the 1920s.

The Second World War saw the city targeted by the Lufftwafe and sections pulverised. Yet more of its citizens were killed. In the post-war era the city began to rebuild and the modern city began to take form. It was during this period that H.M.P. Blackwater was built on Black Island and also the commissioning of the Mourningwood Secure Psychiatric Hospital.

The 1960’s saw the development of the Polytechnic, now the University Of New Port Talbot,
including the the Rutherford Observatory on the northern penisula of the city.

The Light Overland Railway and the opening of Talbot International in the mid-80’s was really the next great leap of development for the ever struggling town.

It was the late 1990’s that saw another slew of public money that saw the creation of an Arts center and the regeneration of the city center including the parks.

Finally after the Y2K fever had died a sad lonely death and been dumped in the skip of history it seemed that New Port Talbot would finally be left to die as so many northern industrial towns were to be under New Labour. That was until Better Living Industries turned up. They applied for grants and subsidies and tax incentives and constructed The Avalon Complex. Avalon featured a 4 star hotel at 2 star prices an amusement park (well a few rides) and a cassino.

City History

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