The Bishop

Head Of Lancea Sanctum, Primogen


An enigmatic figure amongst the Kindred of New Port Talbot generally very little is known about the Bishop. The only exception to this general ignorance is possibly Irving Bridgewater. The two seem to have history but despite this even Bridgewaters knowledge of the Bishop appears to be limited.

Generally only ever seen by other kindred the bishop is often seen in ecclesiastical dress and never seen without wearing one of his many death masks. As such his face and clan are unknown though many suspect him to be a member of clan Nosferatu. He is considered wise and terrifying by his congregation and his enemies a like which has earned him admiration from his flock and at least grudging respect from those outside it.

Though his exact age is not known it is generally accepted that The Bishop is old. He serves as Primogen to Prince Mourningwood and before him to Prince Taylor. Rumor has it that along with Bridgewater he also advised the previous prince before Taylor though when asked neither of them will confirm or deny this.

The Bishop

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