Rupert Carvetii

Vengeful Seducer & Lancea Sanctum Neonate


Rupert Carvetii, formerly known as Rupert Kirk prior to his embrace, is New Port Talbot born and bred. An attractive man he stands around 6ft tall, lithe with black hair and was known around the clubs and bars of the city before they became his hunting ground.

Rupert was embraced in to the Lancea Sanctum as a curse for sins he committed in his quest for revenge against an ex girlfriend. In learning to manipulate and grasp the tricks of his trade he hurt many innocent people and was embraced by his sire when she failed to redeem him and turn him away from that path.

Rupert is finding it difficult to adjust to his requiem. The dark church gave him purpose in his early nights but his faith has a naive zealotry about it typical of many recent converts. Recent events and contact with kindred of other philosophies has made him question whether he fully understand the true meaning of his requiem.

Rupert Carvetii

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