Matthew Mourningwood

Invictus Prince of the City


Standing about 5 foot eight inches and thin for a Victorian industrialist. Matthew Mourningwood looks good for a man that died in his forties wit a full head of hair and apparently having shunned the facial hair of the era (or he shaves nightly). He dresses in a plain black three piece suit and white shirt giving the image of a man about to attend a funeral. The only adornment besides a pocket watch and cufflinks are that on “Official” business he wears what appears to be a Mayoral Chain.

Mourningwood only came to power in the wake of the summer riots of 2012 when the last Prince, Taylor, met final death in an unfortunate blaze. Mourningwood was always presumed heir apparent but the sudden change pushed him to power. He has brought in to the inner circle his own supporters making himself unpopular with some longstanding Primogen.

Matthew Mourningwood

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