Maria Carvetii

Lancea Sanctum Convert, Sheriff


A slim, petite young women, Maria Carvetii looks typical of members of her clan. Her dusky Spanish features, luscious black girls and shapely figure means that hunting for her is but a simple task of being in the right place and glancing at the right person in the right way.

Previously a member of the Ordo Dracul, as was her sire before her, she was converted to the Dark Church by The Bishop much to the chagrin of Irving Bridgewater. She appears to have embraced her new faith wholeheartedly though there are those in the covenant still weary of her previous heretical past. Perhaps they are right to as Maria certainly has her own agenda.

With Matthew Mourningwood ascension to the princedom of New Port Talbot, Maria was appointed Sheriff, many believe on the recommendation of The Bishop. She throws herself in to the role carrying out the duties of her office with gusto, her enjoyment there for all to see.

Maria is the sire of Rupert Carvetii. She is very fond of her childe and feels some measure of guilt over his embrace, feeling that she failed to redeem him as had been her original plan. She sees the undeath for what it is from the unique perspective of one schooled in both Ordo and Sanctified doctrine. Undeath is a curse and you can either try to overcome it or atone for what brought it upon you.


Maria Carvetii

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