Irving Bridgewater

Ordo Dracul Kogoign


Tall (6 ft ish), slim, with dark hair and a neatly trimmed goatee that looks slightly sinister on this forty something man. His blue eyes seem to bore in to those who hold them for too long. He favors black suits usually with a shirt or tieand pocket square combination of colour. Favouring simple jewlery often with Egyptian iconography.

Ask around the Kindred of New Port Talbot and its noted that they are almost certain Bridgewater was an elder when the city was founded But he seems as sprightly as any ancille. It’s also generally accepted that he is up to something as he has his fingers in way to many pies.

Bridgewater has however worked himself in to a position of Respected adviser with up coming protoges in many organisations, a source of wisdom, and generally not actually making any bids for direct control of the city.

Irving Bridgewater

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